Campus Site Amenities & Signage

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The various elements that populate the campus landscape and open spaces make sites functional, increase their use and contribute to the university’s strong sense-of-place. These amenities reinforce the campus character by building a consistent palette of site elements. Each element has been evaluated for long-term durability, accessibility, maintenance, sustainability, and functionality. If you are considering a new project or a renovation to existing campus site amenity, the following documents shall be consulted.  Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page for responses to the most common questions we receive.

These site amenity standards are to be used in conjunction with UW–Madison FP&M Technical Guidelines.

Campus Site Amenity Standards & Signage

Benches >>>

The campus standard benches are black powder coat metal, backed, and surface mounted. Alternative benches, including unique construction, mounting, and/or material are considered on a per request basis.

<<< Trash/Recycle/Ash Receptacles

The campus standard trash, recycle, and ash receptacles are black powder coat metal, and surface mounted. Recycle receptacles shall have a blue cover for differentiation.

Cluster Seating >>>

The campus standard cluster seating unit is black powder coat metal, backless seats, and surface mounted. They are provided in areas in addition to benches and may or may not include shading elements. Seat quantity can vary from 2-6.

<<< Bicycle Racks

The campus standard bicycle racks are galvanized metal, surface mounted, and unique to the university. They have been developed to efficiently accommodate the influx of bicycles during the academic sessions.

Lighting >>>

The campus standard light fixtures vary by location around campus. Alternatives, including wall, bollard, indirect, and accent lighting may be considered for courtyards, terraces, gardens, and other unique areas of campus.

<<< Bus Shelter

Bus shelter placement and use is determined by UW-Transportation Services in conjunction with the City of Madison on public right-of-way streets.

Campus Exterior Signage & Identification

Signage (Exterior) >>>

As part of the UW's effort to develop a unified approach to overall visual communication on campus, the following exterior signage and wayfinding policy has been prepared for your convenience.

<<< Banners (Exterior)

Banners are primarily intended to promote activities and events on the campus. The display is to be decorative in character and informative in function.

Campus Heritage Plaques >>>

This policy provides guidance on the design specifications, content criteria and approval process for the production and installation of new heritage plaques.

<<< Campus Memorials

This policy gives guidance for the physical commemoration on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus of individuals or significant events associated with the university.