Neighborhood Coordination

The UW-Madison’s main campus is contained within the City of Madison and the Village of Shorewood Hills. It is also bordered by a number of established neighborhood associations. There is a robust tradition of shared decision making and transparency at the university (and in Madison’s neighborhoods) that is deeply rooted in shared governance and the belief that we are all passionate problem solvers that can bring insights, expertise, and ideas to create a better solution.

Campus development maintains a strong commitment to the context in which it physically resides and borders. The Joint Campus Area Committee is an official city committee set up to participate in facilities planning activities which affect the campus, city, village, and surrounding neighborhoods. This joint committee is composed of university, city, and village staff, as well as neighborhood representatives, alders, and a UW student. The charge of this committee (Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.32(1)) is to identify community-wide and neighborhood impacts of campus-initiated, city/village related, and private sector development projects within the context of sound planning principles that afford the greatest benefit. Each of these committees acts as the voice of the neighborhood/organization and is tasked with disseminating information to their neighborhood/organization and receiving/reporting that information back to the committee. The committee includes the following member designations:

Joint Campus Area Committee (effective 3-29-2018)
– Alder District 4 Representative
– Alder District 5 Representative
– Alder District 8 Representative
– Alder District 13 Representative (non-voting)
– Neighborhood Representative – Greenbush
– Neighborhood Representative – Vilas
– Neighborhood Representative – Regent
– Capitol Neighborhoods or State-Langdon Neighborhood Representative
– Plan Commission Member
– Transportation-related City Committee Member
– Village of Shorewood Hills Representative #1
– Village of Shorewood Hills Representative #2
– UW Special Assistant to the Chancellor
– UW Facilities Planning & Management Representative
– UW Transportation Services Representative
– UW Athletic Department Representative
– UW School of Medicine and Public Health Representative
– UW Hospital and Clinics Representative
– Associated Students of Madison Representative

City of Madison Committee Meeting Information


City of Madison Campus Alders and Districts

  • District #2 – Alder Ledell Zellers (link)
  • District #4 – Alder Mike Verveer (link)
  • District #5 – Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (link)
  • District #8 – Alder Zach Wood (link)
  • District #13 – Alder Allen Arntsen (link)